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    by Kiri Anne Lewis

    The Sanatorium. 

    The Lunatics are running the asylum…

    BIG EGO July 2017.

    Tonight Helena and I were treated to a sublime powerful and at times shocking performance of the Sanatorium, it’s cast of actors had you gripped right from the start you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife. Well done. Five Stars. ***** – Mark Tabram.

    #TheSanatorium, Privilege to watch last Thursday’s opening night performance. Fringe at it’s best. Congratulations to cast and production team. – Phil Brewster

    Stunning performances all round and extremely thought provoking content. – Liz Haigh 

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    by Clare Gallagher

    Our Super EGO member (pun definitely intended!) Rudy de Groot tackled a big challenge in order to support EGO 1.1

    Following Rudy’s fundraising bird watch for Hull charity Freddie’s Friends two years ago, Rudy is attempted and succeded an even more ambitious five-day bird watching road trip to raise money for Coventry’s EGO Performance Company and their bid to buy their building. 

    What did Rudy do?

    Between the 8th and the 12th of April 2017, Rudy visited ten RSPB sites and completed a sponsored bird watch at each site. He  did lots of walking, and lots of sitting in hides, looking for birds, 106 birds in fact!. There are two ways of sponsoring Rudy: either sponsor him a finite sum to complete a watch at all ten sites, or pledge to sponsor him per species spotted.

    What is EGO 1.1?

    EGO needs to raise £1.1 Million in the next year to buy our building to continue our fantastic work with members of our community. EGO offers opportunities in theatremusiccomedy and film for all ages and abilities. The company specialises in working with people with disabilities and developing arts projects with young people not in education or employmentThe company also provides support for homeless people and refugees in Coventry, and has been massively important in the lives of many people in the city (including Rudy and his family).

    The money raised by Rudy will go towards the purchase of the freehold of the building (which is currently under threat of being sold to property developers) and its renovation. If EGO owns its own building we can provide two flexible performance spaces with large audience capacities and disabled accesstwo studio spaces, a music studioworkshop spacesartist studios and a Vegan cafe bar. This venue will enable us to offer even more training, support and resources required to create innovative, relevant and exciting projects that benefit those most in need. It will offer affordable spaces available for hire, helping to build a resilient arts community in Coventry.

    Thanks for your incredible work RUDY!

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    by Kiri Anne Lewis

    I am a member of BIG EGO which is a group for adults of all abilities and disabilities, I am one of two people who are wheelchair users and I have cerebral palsy, though the severity of our disabilities may be different, our passion for our work is exactly the same.

    EGO has made me more confident, has given me new challenges and way of escaping my current circumstances – to stretch my legs as it were.

    I came to Coventry as a teenager, I was angry at the world, because I felt no-one understood the loneliness of being different, the physical disability is easy to deal with, but the mental pain of knowing you’re different, is unimaginable. Joining EGO has given me a place where my differences are not obstacles, they are gifts which can be shared with every-one, a place where we are able to express freely and safely our quirky angry and funny slant on life.

    I love making theatre, It challenges me, I feel empowered, challenging audiences perceptions of what is possible.

    EGO provides a space for individuals with complex needs to be themselves, working together equally with all sorts of people. I have made many friends, Kyle and I who both have Cerebral Palsy have a very dark and twisted humour, and this does add a certain spice to rehearsals. I would never have thought I’d play the part of a 42 year old baby vampire! and trust me nobody will forget this vampire baby in a hurry.

    Vampire Baby, Lee Bettles

    Vampire Baby


    My partner Nicola, is now a volunteer as EGO’s photographer, which is not unusual, at EGO many families get involved, not necessary as members but as volunteers, whether it’s putting up a shelf, changing a bulb or plastering the loos. Everyone contributing to make our community better.

    With the cultural strategy in place I hope that ten years from now, everyone like me, and everyone who is not like me, has a place like EGO.

    Lee Bettles
    EGO Performance Company



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    by Clare Gallagher

    EGO is proud that we have been given the opportunity to be involved in the Holocaust memorial day in Coventry’s Broadgate Square. Georgina Egan, one of our artistic directors, will be delivering her speech at 1pm on Friday 27th January 2017.

    You can read her full speech below. We hope you agree that it carries a poignant message and encourages a continuing collaboration within our communities.

    It’s lovely to have the opportunity to talk to you today. 

    I was born in Coventry, grew up here, and then as a young adult I left. I was fortunate enough to work and travel abroad until eventually settling in a rural town by the sea, surrounded by the mountains, it was a beautiful place. After 10 years I simply chose to come back to Coventry, nothing dramatic had happened to make me make that decision, I just felt the need to come back. A similar story shared by many of my friends that I grew up with, we all left and we all came back. 

    We were discussing why, I mean if you read in the papers and the social media Coventry is perceived to be the most violent city in the UK, the ugliest city, or you hear Oh Coventry – nothing ever happens in Coventry and what’s with the ring road!. So why on earth would we come back? 

    We agreed, it’s because Coventry is unique, in fact it’s quite remarkable, but why is it? we banded around words that we often hear about our city… recognised for Peace and reconciliation, Innovation, Youth & Energy, 2-tone, Diversity and creativity, all these things that make us proud of our city. But there is something deeper and more profound, something difficult to articulate, in the end we said that Coventry has a kind of an under current of connectedness. We all somehow felt connected, a feeling hard to define, but nevertheless a feeling that gives us a sense of belonging and that in turn makes us feel safe. 

    Myself and my colleagues run a small charity called EGO, we have an arts venue and over the last eleven years we have offered opportunities and projects for people to make theatre, compose music, get involved in production arts – making sets and props as well as working with other artist to make films. And I can put my hand on my heart and say that the majority of people, when they first arrive at EGO say to us “I don’t fit”, I don’t feel safe. The very things that are so important to me. 

    How awful must that be? to feel like you don’t fit in, feeling isolated and lonely. We run 14 groups over the week, with over 200 members, our youngest member is 4 and our eldest 74, every member is as important as each other and together we create a space where people feel safe and can build their confidence, make some fantastic theatre and music and pieces of art and at the same time help them deal with the issues they face in their lives. Our members are made up of people from different ages, cultures, they have different abilities, different experiences, some are dealing with mental health issues, some struggling with their sexuality or gender identity, some have learning disabilities, some physical disabilities, some are very confident some are still developing theirs – the point is everyone is different, but everyone is equal and every person has their part to play in creating our safe place where individuals can develop their skills, their self esteem and their social networks. By working together, learning from each other, sharing experiences and supporting each other we have created a wonderful community. 

    And it’s reciprocal in its nature because our community reaches out to other communities, and partnerships are made, and together our shared vision can be realised. And the more communities, projects and organisations reach out and work together the stronger we all become. 

    Our city is bursting with the most incredible projects and organisations, EGO is a member of the F13 club, a group of arts organisations and artists offering amazing opportunities to people and creating fantastic and innovative work, From Theatre Absolute who created The Shop Front Theatre out of the old Fishy Moore’s Chip Shop to Arty Folks who work with people with Mental Health issues, Fargo Village, Imagineer productions, The Tin Arts, Talking Birds, Highly Sprung and many more, all out there making our City more creative, more vibrant a more positive space. And together we talk and we share and we learn from each other. 

    EGO also has had the pleasure of working with Grapevine a wonderful organisation supporting people with Learning disabilities. we worked with The Refugee Centre to identify people who were in most need to use The Bank of EGO, a meal bank operated by our cafe, which also helps to feed people who are homeless and sleeping on the streets. We have worked with Coventry Recovery Community, CRISIS, Jenner8 and many other organisations working hard to support people who need help 

    Over the last two years EGO has been working on an european project with organisations in Greece, Wales and Romania using theatre and drama techniques to challenge bullying behaviour in schools, and taking part in research and development in order to make changes to policy at a european level. A project that proved to be very successful and allowed us to make connections afar. 

    We are living in turbulent times it’s true, with worrying times in world politics. At EGO we can’t change who runs the world, as much as we wished we could we can’t say excuse me people but can you stop that war now please, or please Mr Trillionaire can you not use child labour to make your goods, Mr Trump build a bridge not a wall. 

    We may not be able to change the big things but we can play a part in the little things, show the people of Coventry that people with Learning disabilities are great artists and musicians, challenge peoples perceptions of people who are just different to them 

    And if we all play a part in the little things, like supporting people, giving people a chance, not judging people, being friendly, listening, giving and connecting we can make a really big difference to someones life to our community and our city.

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    by Kiri Anne Lewis

    EGO Performance Company’s tenth birthday is today!

    I was going to write a blog about my thoughts on EGOs landmark, however reading member’s comments I really do feel I couldn’t have put it better myself.

    So here are some of my favourite messages gifted to EGO on their birthday:

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    by Kiri Anne Lewis

    As a Trustee Member of EGO I am proud of what we have achieved so far and looking forward to the next challenge in our evolution (of which more later).

    Why proud? Well; EGO is a formidable grass roots community performance company, we are original, comic, serious, imaginative and thought provoking and most importantly we change lives.

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