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EGO 1.1

As a Trustee Member of EGO I am proud of what we have achieved so far and looking forward to the next challenge in our evolution (of which more later).

Why proud? Well; EGO is a formidable grass roots community performance company, we are original, comic, serious, imaginative and thought provoking and most importantly we change lives. I have watched Members, both adults and younger people grow in confidence and stature as performers, but also as people. I am constantly amazed at the thought that goes into every new performance, be it plays, music or comedy.

The team welcome all ages and all abilities. We work with people with learning disabilities, refugees and asylum seekers and people from the streets as well as people from across the City, and we make a difference not only culturally but to individual lives.

We work from Jesson House, Silver Street at the back of the Motor Museum in a space we have created from a redundant car park. Over the last 5 years we have poured love and money into turning it into a great arts venue but now our landlord needs to sell the building and to secure the future we need to buy it. To do so and to convert the whole building into a thriving community arts hub we need to raise £1.1m.

For a small organisation this is a huge ask and we need your support, be you an arts charity big or small, business or an individual. If you don’t know EGO and live, work or have a commitment to Coventry, find out about us at or at


Or simply donate now via credit or debit card visit:


I hope you will join EGO 1.1.


Thank you for reading.

Chris Seeley.

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