EGO Performance | Big things Coming from Our Big Ensemble in 2019!
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Big things Coming from Our Big Ensemble in 2019!


There has been some big changes to the Big Ego since our production of Rhyme Suspect Revisited. A few members left the Ensemble and we have a few new members. At the Ensembles first session after our last run of shows, there was definitely a unanimous decision that we wanted to go and do an original show, rather than reimagine an existing show.


Georgina, floated the idea of doing a show with disability being the main theme, with the thinking being that most of us have a disability in some form and giving that the group expressed a desire to do a more serious show, it made sense, so with all that in mind the group decided to go with that idea. We immediately split into groups and formed ideas and vague concepts what kind of issues we could look at exploring.


From the get go I felt a complete change in the group dynamic, for the first time in as long as I can remember, disabled people had the bigger voices. I kind of felt bad for a couple of our able bodied friends. It felt strange, with the topics we were discussing being so personal I could see that perhaps it might have been difficult for some of our members to know how to approach such issues. Ego being Ego nobody intentionally wants to offend anyone.


The devising process for this show so far has been my favourite one yet. I’m learning so much more about my ego family and what my friends struggle with and overcome but mostly what they just live with, as that’s what we do with disability more often then not we just live with it. Our main goal as an ensemble at the moment is to get to know each others stories. It’s a very vulnerable process and we are taking our time to make sure everyone gets heard.


At the moment we are working in two separate groups and we are working together to present a day in the life of each member. For example I told my group what my typical Wednesday looks like, from waking up and getting dressed, to going to therapy and having to repeat myself. With all the disabilities we have in the ensemble, we ourselves are the best research material for our eventual script.


It is human nature to make assumptions based on how somebody looks or how certain disabilities are portrayed in the media. With that in mind it has been an invaluable experience to not only share more about myself but to also learn about the cocktail of illness disabilities and inner monologue of others. I’ve been around people with disabilities my entire life, so perhaps I might have thought that I was educated enough in these areas. This has not been the case, as my perceptions have already been changed.


This is the most excited I have felt at this stage during the process of putting together a new show. The Ensemble feels really focused and given how personal the subject of disability is to the group, I believe we can do something really special with this.


Till Next time!           


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