EGO Performance | Bold As Bard In the West End… (Kind of)
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Bold As Bard In the West End… (Kind of)

On Sunday the 28thof October Bold as Bard, Our ensemble funded by The Heart Of England Foundation and The Backstage Trust Presented a show that we called “Now that’s what I call Shakespeare” at the west end pub in Stratford Upon Avon. The show was presented in order to raise funds For Ego, with funds helping Ego’s member pay for professional headshots, travel costs to auditions and even membership fees for our members who struggle financially.

Bold as bard arrived at the west end pub at 1pm on Sunday and we rehearsed all day. The show itself was comprised of two half’s. the first half various bold members performed various monologues from the works of William Shakespeare of course! We ended the first half with an excerpt from Antony Cleopatra.


During the interval we had a raffle & and an auction which saw a lot of generosity from our audience”  Items included in the raffle were signed theatre program by Timothy Hall, a signed poster by the cast of the theatre production of Matilda! and Katy Stephens personal copy of the script from “Richard III” among other Items.   

      The second half of the show was an edited version of the production we completed in may “Two Weddings & A Funeral” which is comprised of scenes from Hamlet, Macbeth, Macduff And Romeo and Juliet.


The size of our audience felt very daunting and performing in a completely different environment from our comfortable home of Ego Arts Venue, was also daunting, but exciting. Our Audience were tremendous and seemed to really enjoy what we gave them.


Overall it was a very long day of rehearsing and perfecting our parts but it was absolutely worth the hard work, For Bold as Bard to go out and showcase our abilities beyond Ego and Coventry is incredibly important for not only our confidence but our development as performers! It is also essential in our bid to help spread the word about Ego performance company as a whole.


We would like to say a massive thank you to The west end pub for allowing us to perform in your home and not only that but for also being so hospitable towards us & providing us with some delicious food. We would also like to say thank you to David and Ingrid Stevens who helped organise and promote “Now That’s What I Call Shakespeare” which helped us secure a fantastic audience, of course a massive thank you to our wonderful audience as without you all of this would be rather pointless. By purchasing a ticket to come and see us perform you are supporting Ego performance company in providing an invaluable service to people of all abilities all ages and all backgrounds to have the opportunity work with and learn from professional actors and directors as well as developing important life skills.       

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