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Our Alter Ego Ensamble are currently in the middle of tech week for their Christmas show, Jingle Sells. Opening Night is this Friday!  to check ticket availability please don’t hesitate to call our box office on: 024 7622 6060 or email us at Alternatively you can...

EGO Performance Company's tenth birthday is today! I was going to write a blog about my thoughts on EGOs landmark, however reading member's comments I really do feel I couldn't have put it better myself. So here are some of my favourite messages gifted to EGO on their birthday:

As a Trustee Member of EGO I am proud of what we have achieved so far and looking forward to the next challenge in our evolution (of which more later). Why proud? Well; EGO is a formidable grass roots community performance company, we are original, comic, serious, imaginative and thought provoking and most importantly we change lives.