EGO Performance | Eat.Sleep.Read.Repeat is ready to tour.
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Eat.Sleep.Read.Repeat is ready to tour.

Our EGO Boost Ensemble have been rehearsing intensely to put the finishing touches on their new original production Eat.Sleep.Read.Repeat.

A thought provoking, charming and highly entertaining piece of theatre. They will be showcasing the production at EGO on Saturday the 20th September, followed by touring local libraries across Coventry. Check out the poster here:


The production focuses on the life of a young girl called Harper. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a young girl with a mundane life, must be in want of a good book!

The library performances will be free to all, we would kindly ask people attending the performance at EGO to make a donation to support our work.

Library tour dates:

Monday 22nd October at Stoke Library. 2pm. Free

Tuesday 23rd October at Tile Hill Library. 2pm. Free

Wednesday 24th October at Central Library. 2pm. Free

Thursday 25th October Aldemoor Library. 2pm. Free

Friday 26th October at Central Library. 2pm. Free

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