EGO Performance | Ego Annual Awards 2018
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Ego Annual Awards 2018

Ego Performance Company began 2019 with our annual awards on Saturday the 19thof January.

It was a fantastic night where everyone had the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of Ego as a whole and to shed a light on the excellent work and growth amongst our membership, volunteers and staff.    

The night began with an announcement about little Ego, with directors Corinne and Georgina Saying   “In 2018 Little EGO devised and performed their final show, Rhyme Suspect” which was so brilliant Big EGO wanted to have a go at performing it too. 

Unfortunately due to lack of funding we were unable to continue running this ensemble. We are so pleased that the majority of our Little EGO members have joined Super EGO and taken part in their first production, A Fish Called Colin”.

We are delighted to announce that we  have received some funding for a one-off project with Little EGO, so more about that in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, We would like to thank them all for their brilliant work and the support they have shown each other during this 


The first award of the night to be presented was the award for the Ego Mix performer of the year. Ego mix is our ensemble for adults with learning disabilities 

 The winner of the little ego member of the year was presented to Micheal Warner, About Micheal Corinne and Georgina wrote “Michael is a fantastic musician, he will come up with a tune for any occasion and created a brilliant score for ‘Stone The Crows’.” 

The Award for Our Big ensemble was up next, Our big ensemble is our group which is open to adults of all abilities, this year Big had Audiences in stitches with there productions of ‘ The Green Room’ and Rhyme Suspect Revisited’. As a member of Big myself, I am so excited for what we’re about to bring you in 2019. 

The award Big ego performer the year went to George Fardon “When George remembers what day it is he is a very consistent member of Big EGO. As well as being incredibly funny and not afraid of taking risks, he is also a fantastic support to other groups and very familiar with the phrase “George….. do you fancy being in…… insert name of show here?” Against his better judgement, he is also prepared to let EGO take extreme liberties with his coiffure, though we’re not sure how much the counselling costs afterwards!”

Bold productions is our ensemble for talented adults 18-30 who are out of employment. Bold productions is behind all our wonderful prop and stage design.

The winner of the bold productions member of the year award was given to Robert Upton! “Highly committed, always keen to contribute his own input in the sessions. Very kind, caring and makes a lot of effort to make everyone feel like part of the family”.

Alter is our ensemble for talented perfomers between the ages of 14 to 25 with learning disabilities. The award For alter ego performer of the year was , Thomas Jeffries!

Thomas struggled with getting to EGO for quite some time, due to transport difficulties, but despite missing quite a large chunk of rehearsals he gave a fine performance in “Jingle Sells”. He is always great fun to have in rehearsals and we recently discovered his talents as a karaoke singer too!”

Ego Boost is our ensemble for young adolescents of all abilities. Boost have had a year to be proud of having performed their fantastic Show Eat Sleep Read Repeat in front of a number different audiences at local libraries around Coventry.

The Award for Ego Boost Performer Of the Year was presented to Jona Lama!

Jona is pretty much a lanky hamster running on a wheel, he brings so much energy into all the groups he is part of. When he enters the room he not only boosts his fellow actors 

energy up, he also brings the staff energy up too! EGO have seen Jona grow into a fine performer and he is a genius at comedy and character acting. EGO has seen Jona grow from someone who could not sit still and listen for more than 30 seconds into a fine young man that is working his hardest to better his own discipline”.

Super Ego is Our ensamble which welcomes individuals of all abilities and ages. Super had an amazing year, putting on an hilariously absurd show in “A Fish Called Colin”.

The Super ego Performer of the year was presented to Lucy Hayes!

“EGO is very proud of the journey Lucy has made this year, both in her personal achievements and within EGO. Without Lucy in Super EGO the sessions would go into meltdown – the younger ones would strike! Why? Because Lucy supports and encourages our younger members, whilst at the same time bringing a wonderful fun energy into each session. Lucy has excellent attendance, she volunteers, supporting our Alter EGO and Little EGO Ensembles, and fits all this in whilst working on other projects such as a Channel 4 documentary.”

Bold As Bard productions is our ensemble for talented performers with learning impairments or adults who are out of employment. Bold as Bard have had a very productive year debuting there show 2 weddings and a funeral in may 2018, a show combining various works of William Shakespeare. In October the ensemble performed a version of this show as part of a scratch night at the west end pub in Stratford titled ‘Now That’s What I call Shakespeare’ raising money for EGO in the process.

The Winner of Bold as Bard Performer of the Year award was Presented to Lewis Ford.

Lewis does consistently brilliant work. He has a fantastically helpful attitude toward other members of the group.”

After the awards for each groups were presented Corinne and Georgina spoke about how when they started Ego Performance Company, it was always their intention to leave Ego in the hands of a younger generation, going on to explain that it was time for them both to take a step back in a creative sense and hand more responsibility to long time Ego members And facilitators, Connor Deeming, Kiri Lewis and Kimisha lewis. In my opinion three fantastic candidates to be given such responsibility Three people who have already given so much to ego and it’s membership, three individuals who like Corinne and Georgina want the absolute best for ego! We’re in very safe hands!

 Katie Klassen Was given the trustee of the year award “Katie is a very active supporter of EGO and has contributed many hours of her personal time to help with funding bids. She is a massive support, attending performances, and is always there with a gin when we need it. This year she has took her support even further when she found us a commission to create a show to be performed at Tate Modern. This was a fantastic opportunity and gave some of our EGO members a great experience. Thank you Katie”.

 Volunteer of the year was Nicola Cashin “A simple thank you just isn’t enough when talking about Nicola. We are extremely grateful of her support. In 2018 I had the pleasure of having a lovely partnership with her, working together to capture EGO’s productions – and believe me this wasn’t always an easy or straight forward task!  

Nicola however was never put off and managed to capture each performance – even if she had 15 or 2 hours to do it in! It’s been wonderful to watch Nicola’s skills grow on each production and an absolute joy to see EGOs work being shown at it’s best.

Nicola’s work really is invaluable for EGO, she is not only part of the team but I also count her as a great friend. It has been so important to have Nicola on the team, as her pictures enable us to share the amazing work we do with the world!

So – Nicola – thank you for an incredible year of pictures and we look forward to seeing what you capture in 2019!”  –  Kiri

The Award for best under 14 female perfomer was awarded to Emanuella 

Vandenburg! For Doll in “A Fish Called Colin” and Judith in “Rhyme Suspect”    

The Award For best under 14 male performer was awarded to Joseph Bragoudakis!

For Wee Willy Winky in “Rhyme Suspect” and Joe in “A Fish Called Colin”

The award for 14 – 20 female performer was awarded to Ellie O’Brien For Natalie in “A Fish Called Colin” and Harper in “Eat, Sleep, Read, Repeat”

The Award for 14 – 20 male performer was presented to Luis Tapia

For Barry in “A Fish Called Colin”, John in “Eat, Sleep, Read, Repeat” and Tod in “verbal Warning”  

The award for best Over 20 male performer was presented to Reece Bruce For Dante Wilkins in “Green Room” and Little Miss Muffett in “Rhyme Suspect”

The Award For Best Over 20 Female was awarded to For Little Miss Muffet in “Rhyme Suspect” and Marlene De Souza in “Green Room” 

The final and most prestigious award of the night, the David Lamont Award was awarded to Kyle McCall Wilson (ME!!!) 

“The amount of love and respect for Kyle is huge. He is a member of Big EGO and Bold as Bard, where he absorbs skills, techniques and confidence like a sponge. His determination, particularly with improving the clarity of his speech is inspirational, and the results speak for themselves (so to speak). Kyle is a very generous member of EGO as well, sharing his wicked sense of humour with us all, alongside some very personal insights into his disability, helping others gain a clearer understanding of the everyday challenges experienced both by people with cerebral palsy and people with mental health problems. Wow! it doesn’t stop there either. Every week, Kyle volunteers for EGO writing a regular blog for our website which is filled with his surreal sense of humour and is a definite must-read.

So, Kyle, with your lovely smile, fantastic whit and determination, thank you.”     

Wow. Just wow, it means the absolute world to me to be awarded this award, it truly is an honour. Ego has been wonderful for me and to me, I started coming to ego a little under 4 years ago but it really feels like I’ve been here a lot longer, Ego has helped me in so many areas of my life from my speech to my self confidence but above all else being part of ego as a member and a volunteer, being able to observe the hard work, the passion and the love that ego is run with has instilled in me a belief that I can do things with my life regardless of what my mental illnesses would have me think and that through ego I can make a positive impact on the community. Thank you to everyone, from my friends in big to my friends in bard and to everyone who has pushed me to keep going. To win the David lamont Award truly is an honour not least because of the awards namesake, to say “monty”  is missed would be a massive understatement, I’m ecstatic to receive this award! I love my Ego family.

What an amazing way to kick off 2019, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for Ego!    

Till Next Time 


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