EGO Performance | Rhyme Suspect is being revisited…
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Rhyme Suspect is being revisited…

It’s happening!!!

Rhyme suspect is returning to EGO audiences with a fresh twist…

Last performed and devised by our Little EGO ensemble in May, Rhyme Suspect was loved by audiences and parent’s for how  wonderfully the performers (aged just 4 to 7 years old!) created extremely comedic characters and using their skills delivered a stunning production.

Big EGO came to see the show and loved it!

So, cut to two months later – Big EGO had just finished their latest production ‘The Green Room’ (another superb high energy production that had audiences on the edge of their seats!) and they had to decide what they would like to do next…

At this moment our Artistic Directors Corinne and Georgina presented them with a challenge….

To revisit, develop and perform three past productions from other Ensembles in the next nine months – or just to do one new original production in nine months.

Decisions. Decisions. It certainly is a challenge.

So they did a vote.

It was neck and neck until the last three votes.

The challenge was accepted!

So they have now delved into the realms of nursery rhymes, developing their characters, extending the script and adapting it (ever so slightly) for adults to enjoy.

It will most certainly be another zany, off the wall, comedic Big EGO Production and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed revisiting it!


Thanks for reading 🙂

Tickets are available now. You can book in our events section.


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