EGO Performance | Silently Having Fun While Fundraising!
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Silently Having Fun While Fundraising!

It has been a busy few weeks on the fundraising front For Ego Performance Company. 

We recently decided to have a costume sale which would see some of our much loved costumes go to new homes and be given new lives with all money generated from the sales going to Ego which helps us massively in our pursuit to give professional tuition to people of all abilities, ages and socio-economic backgrounds with an interest in the performing arts.

The costume sale took place on the 16thof February and it was such a success (raising £183) that we decided to hold a second sale on the 9th of March and we raised a further £111 totalling to £284 being raised across both costume sales!

Our fundraising efforts didn’t stop at the costume sales however, Somehow our notoriously Energy packed, Loud & chatty ensemble Super Ego took part in a sponsored silence and much to our surprise  they pulled it off! It goes without saying that we are Super Proud of our members who took part, they did Amazing!  although we don’t yet know the full amount raised, at last count we were at the £200 mark!

We would like to say a massive Thank You to everyone that took part in either the costume sales & those who kindly sponsored our Super Ensembles sponsored silence. Your generosity allows us to continue to enrich lives through the skills we teach and encourage throughout all of our Ensembles!

If you would like to make A donation to Ego Performance Company, you can do so via our local giving page (Click Here) . Any donation is greatly Appreciated!    

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