EGO Performance | Thank You For An Amazing 2018 – Heres To 2019!
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Thank You For An Amazing 2018 – Heres To 2019!

2018 has been a very productive, a very busy and a very rewarding year for Ego Performance Company. This year throughout our many different and diverse ensembles we created 10 productions, we saw members grow in confidence and we performed in front of brand new audiences both inside Ego Arts Venue and outside of our city in places such as London & Stratford.

We began the year with our annual awards where we celebrated the achievements of our members and acknowledged the hard work of our staff and volunteers who help Ego continue to be welcoming home for all types of abilities to create unique theatre productions and develop individual skillsets that they can use not only as performers but in every day life.

In April Our Big Ensemble performed “the green room” which was the culmination of the typical months of hard work devising the show from scratch and rehearsing lines, scenes and cues in order to deliver the best show possible. The green room was very well received, our aim was to make them laugh and laugh they did… loads!

In may our Bold as bard Ensemble, made their debut as cast jumping in at the deep end of theatre by tackling the work of Shakespeare With There Production of “Two Weddings And A Funeral” a show comprised of various Shakespeare plays Directed by RSC associate actor Katy Stephens And Vocal Coach John Fagan. The Debut Show was a smashing success not just in terms of audience reaction but in terms of cast members growth in ability and confidence.

In June a selection of Ego Members performed another Original production in the Tate modern in the form of “non verbal warning” a social commentary which poked fun at what we should and shouldn’t be poking fun at, a show which questioned the nature of comedy in todays very polarising political climate.

November Saw our super Ego present an utterly bonkers production of “A Fish Called Colin” Super by name Super by nature. This show was hilarious, even if we do say so ourselves. Fantastic performances by cast members of all ages!

We rounded off the year with our Alter Ensemble show Jingle Sells which was our fastest selling show of the year, what an amazing show this was!

2018 has been a truly fantastic year to be a part of ego but we couldn’t achieve what we achieve year in year out with out the support of our volunteers and various funders and with that in mind we would like to thank all of our volunteers, all of our “Friends Of Ego” and to anyone who has donated to our local giving, we simply wouldn’t exist without you. Ego Performance Company Would Like to wish you a very merry Christmas And we can’t wait to see you in what will be a very exciting 2019!         

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