EGO Performance | Why You Need To See ‘Blink’
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Why You Need To See ‘Blink’

It’s so exciting being a cast member of big Ego at the moment. As we are less then a month away from presenting our latest original production of “Blink”

I’m Kyle & I’m here to give you a quick update on how we are progressing with undoubtedly one of ego’s darkest productions. However first I must confess that during my first blog about this upcoming show, I seemed to have miss framed the show as a show focused heavily on disability, perhaps to some extent blink did begin as a project rooted in our individual & collective experience as people who live with disabilities and other conditions. However since that blog my perception of blink has evolved along with the show its self.

Since November 2018 things have moved from a broad concept of the kind of message we wanted to portray to a fully fledged world, a world of those who have resources to be modified and live a socially accepted life & those who do not have the resources to live a modified and therefore socially accepted life. Sound Familiar! I think Blink has the most potential to be found offensive and to be honest it probably should offend audiences. However I hope audiences are offended for the correct reasons, we have been very careful in deciding what we do and do not include and the purpose behind everything. Nothing in the world of blink is there without reason, nothing is there for shock value and the most cutting remarks about disability & mental health have been green lit by the cast.

Making this show has been very heeling and surprisingly the most emotionally difficult scene (which I won’t give away) is probably the most heeling. Blink is a really heavy show but it has been the most rewarding production that I have been a part of. The world that blink is set in is a world I really don’t want to see become reality, however I feel that too much of our society already holds the same beliefs as those put forward by the presenter of the game show that is blink, perhaps I include myself in that, I have a lot of internalized able-ism and since working on blink I’ve made a real effort to stop viewing disability & mental health issues as a problem to be solved corrected or fixed instead viewing those things as parts of humanity that we need to embrace and love. I see blink as  everything we need to avoid. I may be biased but I would call this show unmissable, I’ve avoided talking about the premise of the show simply because it has to be watched to be properly understood. However I will say that this show is very immersive in terms of the technical & staging side of things and the intensity of the show is unrelenting. Personally and I think everyone  involved with blink would agree that we hope you as an audience enjoy the show but we hope it stays with you.

Tickets for Blink are available too book online HERE

For Further information see the poster below

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